Orphic Platonism is a Group for those who follow or wish to explore the liberative philosophies and practices of the ancient Hellenized world. This would include the Mysteries, Orphism, Pythagoreanism, Platonic thought, Hermeticism, NeoPlatonism, and Theurgy.

This Group emphasizes those liberative teachings which would have been recognized as Hellenismos by the Emperor Julian, as well as cognate Egyptian beliefs and practices. We also recognize that such teachings represent but the Western expression of a larger whole, one known in India by the name Sanatana Dharma, and worldwide under the banner, the Perennial Philosophy. Accordingly, those of other traditions are welcome as well.

This Group is for discussion, but primarily for discussion as proximate to practice. In other words, our focus is less upon an exhaustive discussion of the fine points of philosophy than upon the application of philosophy. Since many Western esoteric practices were lost over time, it should be no surprise if there is a good deal of discussion of practices from other parts of the globe.

Our goal ranges from HOMOIOSIS THEOI, a term from Plato, found in the Theaetetus which means “Likeness to God” :


to its most bold expression:


“Our concern is not to be free of sins. It is to become God.”

One thought on “About

  1. Hello,
    My name is Alexandre Phily and I’m a second year student at SciencesPo Paris.
    The university’s association “Babel Initiative” chose Greece for their study
    trip this year. We, as students, had to find the best and most original
    about Greece and Greek society to be selected.

    With two friends, we decided to make a documentary about Hellenism. This
    documentary will be diffused at larger scale within the Babel colloquium. We
    were from the beginning fascinated by this worship and its traditions and
    legacies in the nowadays Greek society. With this theme we were selected to be
    part of the study trip.

    What we want is to study the present religious practice, discover more about
    and then compare it with the antique one. That is why I’m contacting you
    today. We will come to Greece in March for the documentary and I will be glad
    to talk to some of your members, officials and maybe participate to one of

    If you want to discuss about the documentary, about what we exactly want to
    you can contact me on my e-mail address: alexandre.phily@sciences-po.org or
    phone at the +33687812852. I’m at your disposal for any kind of questions.

    Yours sincerely,

    Alexandre PHILY

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