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Standing before the shrine. Purify yourself with the water, and chew some natron. Then say:

Let the earth be still, let the air be still, let the sea be still, let the winds also be still and do not be a hindrance to this sacred rite! No sound, no loud cry, no disturbance of any kind. For I am a priest\priestess, and I am about to call the great Agathos Daimôn, the benevolent helper of mankind, the noble ruler of visible and invisible natures, the resplendent Sun above the sun, He who is the invisible nature of all things. Awaken PŠOI PNOUTHI NINTHÊR, Good Spirit, God of Gods, great serpent, whose processional way are the heavens, who governest the earth, who matest in the sea, glorious one amongst the stars, awaken to this rite which I perform in Thine honour. I call Thee SATRAPERKMÊPH, mighty and kindly Agathodaimôn, who breathest life into all creatures, increaser and regent of the four elements. Come to me, PHRÊ ANÔI PHÔRKHÔ PHUUU RORPSIS OROKHÔÔI, holiest one, for I invoke Thy holy and incorruptible names which Thou are pleased to hear!

Sprinkle the statue with the water, and say:

I approach Thee O bestower of wealth, life, and joy, bringing the ambrosial water of immortality, the mighty flood waters, the fountain of life flowing from the two caverns, wherewith I cleanse Thy temple and Thine image from all impurity.

Light the candle\lamp, and say:

Arise O holy serpent, be this light the symbol of Thine ineffable presence. Come great Spirit, Agathos Daimôn, come to this sacred rite.

Prostrate yourself on the ground before the altar, and say:

I have prostrated myself on the ground in awe of Thee. Hail unto Thee, noble benefactor, bringer of favourable tidings, helper of the weak. Hail unto Thee primeval Lord, dweller in the watery abyss whence all life arose. Merciful, generous God, who soothest suffering by Thy will; hail PŠOI, father of moist and fiery natures, who didst order all things according to Thy divine plan.

Place an appropriate incense on the charcoal (ideally frankincense), and recite this invocation:

Hail Good Daimon, Lord of all things, visible and invisible, HARPONKNOUPHI
KHMOUMAÔPHI, come great God, for I call Thine ineffable names, whereby the stars are darkened, the seas are dried, the deserts are flooded, the earth shaketh, the rocks split and break, the lakes and springs are frozen by their power, and evil daimons flee upon hearing them. Come God of Gods, lord of time, governor of fate, balance of the world, equilibrium veiled in chaos, whose ever watchful eyes are the sun and moon, whereon we look with hope and faith. Come, Thou who didst rectify matter that all things may exist, Thou who assignest souls to all by the command of the Unbegotten one, and who generously bestowest good fortune to righteous men and women, ruler of hope who givest good health, love, sustenance, strength, joy, and luck to all who invoke Thy name which is exalted above all, by whose influence the planets maintain their cycles harmoniously, Thou from whom the stars derive their light, who didst arrange the decans in their proper order to govern all things on earth. Thou, who didst beget Pitah at the beginning of time by scattering Thy seed, creator before all creation, foremost and greatly praised one, whom the Muses sing, whom the 8 guards attend, Ē-Ō-KHŌ-KHOUKH-NOUN-NAUNI-AMOUN-AMAUNI, before whom mountains tremble, the abyss is shaken, and all creatures adore Thee, appear O Lord, accept this offering, this sweet incense. Its incorruptible essence is for Thee, it filleth Thy shrine bringing life, sanctifying it with Thy spirit.

Pour a libation of wine into an offering dish, and say:

I offer unto Thee this pure wine, the sweat of Phrê. O great God, begetter of all, mayest Thou find favour therein. Let Thy mouth be opened thereby, drink and be fortified.

Present a food offering (optional), placing it in another offering dish raising and lowering it 4 times while saying:

I offer unto Thee this (name of food), O eternal one, great serpent, ancient among the ancient ones. May it find favour with Thee.

Place your hands over the offerings, saying:

Let offerings flow forth in abundance, as the blessings that issue from the mouth of PŠOEI Ô PNOUTHI NINTHERTÊROU, the Good Spirit, God of all Gods.

Burn incense again, this time reciting an improvised prayer to the God asking for any blessings you desire, and then commune with Him. When done, recite this thanksgiving prayer:

I thank Thee O Lord for Thy presence, for I have been conjoined to Thy holy form. I have been fortified by Thy name. I have acquired Thy perpetual blessing. O Lord of life and death, blessed regent of all nature, be with me always.

Return the offerings, withdrawing them from the shrine while saying:

These Thine offerings revert to Thy servant for life, stability, health, joy. Let the Lord of All, everliving, immortal Aion who appeared with the universe according to His eternal essence, shine His imperishable light upon Thee.

Put out the lamp or candle, and consume part of the offerings in silence. For the remainder, dispose of them in a natural place, like the woods or a river.


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